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iPhone Cases, Where to Buy

iPhone CasesA high quality, strong iPhone case is one of the best treats you can get for your iPhone. If you haven’t noted, iPhones have this habit of wanting to drop and fall! And most likely yet, you’re going to have to experience that with yours. All in all, if you have an iPhone 4, you’ll probably need an Otterbox iPhone 4 case, and so the same with all other Apple devices. While a good number of iPhone cases will focus on the design appeal more than they do on protection, Otterbox iPhone cases are built to keep your phone secure from all sorts of hazards that might lead to it damaging. Other than the Otterbox brand, there are other types of iPhone cases, including the AI and Belkin and Incipio brands. Well, in the following parts of this post, we look at the best places you can buy a good case for your iPhone. Read more about cool galaxy s3 cases at Ariza Imperial Blog

i)                    Amazon

Amazon features a large number of sellers, who merchandize scores of iPhone accessories, including protective cases, batteries, chargers and replacement parts. If you are looking to buy from an Amazon seller, make sure to read reviews about the same product before you actually buy to make sure that you are buying something that’ll actually work for you. Although, you won’t get the cheapest prices on this platform, you can at least trust their sellers to deliver high quality products.

ii)                  Otterbox

This is the official Otterbox website and the home for the popular Otterbox brand of smartphone cases. Otterbox offers a wide variety of high quality, authentic Otterbox cases for both iOS and android smartphones (including the Samsung Galaxy Series). Their prices are a bit on the higher end but they are the original manufacturer for Otterbox cases, so you can always be sure that you are buying from the best place (the source).

iii)                eBay

eBay the auctions giant site is the other cool place where you can buy protective cases for your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or any other Apple devices. Amazon features hundreds of buyers who are usually merchandising cheap Otterbox cases so suitable especially if your budget is restricting. Before you buy from eBay sellers, make sure to also read the seller ratings to ensure that you do not buy anything fake.

iv)                Zazzle

An online retail hub that allows individual users to upload images and create their own for-sale merchandise, Zazzle is the other place you can get some good protective cases for your iPhone. They have a category exclusively for iPhone cases.

v)                  Casedealz.com

Casedealz.com offers arguably the cheapest prices for high quality, authentic cases on the web. They are an individual specialized seller (not a combination of many sellers) so you can be sure to get an outstanding sales service, and more so enjoy the comfort of buying from a single identifiable merchant. Most of their cases are Otterbox, but they also have other brands such as Belkins, AI and Incipio. In addition to iPhones, you can also get protective cases for android smartphones at Casedealz.


Top iPhone 5 Accessories

iPhone 5 Accessories The iPhone 5 is the latest apple’s smartphone and with it you can perform a lot of activities. You can achieve more with the device with the best accessories for iPhone 5 such as iPhone 5 covers, iPhone car charger and iPhone cases. Recharging your iPhone 5 is always an issue, but they are now a lot of options to keep the battery charged no matter where you happen to be. With the iPhone 5 accessories, the options keep on increasing.

Here are some of the best iPhone 5 accessories that can really improve your experience:

a)      iOttie iPhone 5 Dashboard Car Mount

The iPhone 5 car mount is very functional and perfect option for the people who spend much of their time driving. The case is firmly gripped and does not slip from the holder, but it is at the same time very easy to remove. It can rotate to 360 degrees, thus you can take pictures from any angle that you prefer. The car mount is very secure and it works with a wide variety of cases and you can even plug your iPhone 5 in to charge while it is settled in the mount. In case you are looking for a good price and long lasting product, iOttie iPhone 5 Dashboard Car Mount is a must have.

b)     Desktop Data Sync/ Charger

This is a black dock case that lets you charge and at the same time sync your iPhone 5. The dock case is compatible with any wall charger or the USB cable, thus can be carried while travelling. The case is very light, hence does not add weight. It also has a very considerate price of $4 and it fits the iPhone 5 perfectly well.

c)      Sonos ZonePlayer S5

The Sonos ZonePlayer allows you to control your iPhone’s library or the stream music over the browser through the Sonos wireless speaker system from any room in your office or home using the manufacturer’s free app. The app allows you to control a number of speaker units, thus you can play the same song in all the rooms in the house, with no echo and perfectly synchronized. It also allows you to. You can also browse your music libraries and the various internet radio stations to access multiple music services including: Rhapsody, Pandora, SIRIUS Internet Radio and Last.fm.

d)     OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case

These are the best iPhone cases that can not disappoint you when it comes to your iPhone’s protection. The case is made of three layers that work together to protect your iPhone from drops and bumps. It has a silicone layer that provides a firm grip of your iPhone, preventing it from easily slipping off from your hand. A polycarbonate layer that gives an assurance to your iPhone 5 safety. It also has an in-built screen protector, protecting it from scratches and smudges.

e)      AT &T Car Charger for Apple iPhone 5

The car charger is compatible with most of the Apple’s devices including the iPhone 5. The charger has an integrated USB port that allows you to charge any other device without problems.



Top Apps for iPhone Jailbreak

iPhone jailbreak appsSo you want to jailbreak your iPhone? Well, while Apple has been doing an impressive job at enhancing their OS with each update, there are still some feature gaps that need to be filled in. And that’s the justification for your need to jailbreak. Whether you just need to add that gesture shortcut, accomplish prompt toggles or get actionable notifications, jail breaking really comes to the rescue.

To most novice users, jail breaking sounds like one of those complex hacker maneuvers. Jailbreaking is the process of eliminating limitations on iPhones and other devices running the Apple iOS mobile operating system. Contrary to common misconception, you don’t need to be a software geek to jailbreak your iPhone. In the following section of this article, we look at the top apps to jailbreak your iPhone.

a)      BiteSMS

This is a veteran app that has been there for quite some time, motivated by the fact that Apple hasn’t still done any better with the message notification handling common in their stock OS. One of the features most requested by users is the ‘quick reply’ option, whose gap BiteSMS has been able to capitalize on.

b)     IntelliscreenX 6

This app allows you to go beyond the capabilities of plain old iOS and customize your notifications as you see fit. You can customize what notifications you receive, when and how, plus also gain access to quick replies for messages right from the lock screen. If you’re that one iOS apps you just won’t do good without a customize approach to notifications, IntelliscreenX will just do it for you.

c)      Auxo

Auxo allows you to launch the multitasker just like you normally would – albeit you’ll notice updates (notifications) of what each app’s current status is. More so, rather than holding down and having to tap an icon to remove or close it, auxo allows you to do just well with swipe gestures – this ensures a much smoother and enjoyable experience.

d)     Cleverpin

If you are like most other iPhone users, you understand that passcodes can be some nagging pain. Nevertheless, you don’t want that nosy colleague to access your personal information or have a good time reading and laughing at your text messages. That’s why most of us choose to still use passcodes! With the cleverpin app, use of passcodes on your iPhone becomes less tiring and better. When you’re out there, your passcode will be firmly in place. But when you get back home where you have your secured network, the passcode issue won’t trouble you anymore. The app generally makes the use of passcodes somewhat automated and less demanding. More still, this app allows you to customize the settings so as to disable passcodes when you’re doing certain things (e.g. listening to music) – which makes a lot of sense especially if you’re used to having to enter your passcode each time you need to switch albums or change your playlist.

With these jailbreak iPhone apps, you have no excuse if you are not making the best out of your smartphone.


Top iPhone Apps 2013

best iPhone appsThe iPhone 5 is the latest extension of the Apple smartphones, and it comes with the largest selection of apps.

1.      EverNote

This is an app in the product category, which has a streamlined interface that jots down ideas and reminders. The EverNote came to improve on the OneNote, as now it allows you to make notes and save them all in one place. EverNote also allows you to create searchable notes including bullet points, texts and pictures. The notes are synched with the Microsoft’s SkyDrive, thus you can access, manage and edit your notes from any other connected device. It has both the free and paid version, whereby the free version is limited to 400 notes and the unlimited version goes for $2.99 via an in-app purchase. All you need is having an EverNote account.  The app does not only allow to make notes but also to record audios, iSight notes or add images to attach to your project. EverNote is just an excellent app that is worth the trial and its being free makes it easy to try it out.

2.      Hangouts

The app is in the communication category. The hangouts for iPhone allows you to engage in one-on-one and also group conversations with anyone in your Google+ circles via instant video chat and messaging. Since everyone has a Google account, you can make video calls to your friends without spending any cash. Hangouts connects to all other types of account, Android and even other computers. The app is simply an extension of the Google+ services. With hangouts, you can see what you chat with you r friends in the past, including the photos you shared.

3.      Google Maps

This is the best navigation map on the iPhone. Google maps is free and have a fantastic location search that offers a variety of routing options. With the app, you can have access to live traffic information in cities across the world. You can also find your way by bus, train walking directions or subways. You can get to anywhere you need quickly as it offers a voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation. The app will ask you to first sign in to save your favourite places and also to access the past searches of which you can skip. The map comes on a full screen and the search bar is at the top, so you can tap the arrow icon to find directions from your current location.

4.      Netflix

This is a video app that does anything the web browser does, but in a much better way. You can browse for movies and TV shows wherever you are. You can also opt to watch the movie online and even pause it to watch it later. You can search in the Netflix library for your favourites. The app provides a source of entertainment that no other video apps can.

5.      Dropbox

This is a content storage app that allows you to bring all your docs, photos and videos anywhere and then share them easily. You can access any file saved in the Dropbox from any iPhone, computer or even in the Dropbox website.

Top iPhone Camera Apps

        i.            Camera Awesome

Camera AwesomeThe Apple iPhone is a prolific device which gave a start to the smartphone revolution. The Apple’s camera app is excellent when you want to take a photo and share it with friends. The iPhone camera apps come with useful features which you cannot find in the native camera. Below are some of the top camera apps for your iPhone that will help you take pictures like professionals

      ii.            Camera+

This is among the best camera apps for your iPhone and it comes with a lot of useful features that allows you to shoot photos like professionals.

Camera AppThe app is designed to make taking impressive photos as easy as possible. It has a well-designed interface which clearly follows the Apple’s UI lead. Camera+ is a fully featured app with lots of shooting modes, such as an anti-shake option that waits to take a photo until you hold your iPhone still. The app has the ability to set focus and exposure independently using different areas of the scene, thus creating well-exposed images. You can also use your iPhone’s flash as a continuous light source, this will allow you to preview the lighting effect before shooting. The app can use iCloud to sync your pictures among the lightbox galleries of any iOS gadget on which the app is installed.

    iii.            ProCamera

This is an app that offers a live histogram display so that you can evaluate the scene brightness objectively. The app comes with a lot of camera options including the night mode with low light detection option, real time zoom, self-timer, photo editing tools and the photo sharing option. After taking the photos, you can save them to the ProCamera’s Lightbox gallery or to the iOS camera roll. Using the Lightbox, it’s possible to delete your pictures, edit them or share with friends via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or upload them to your Dropbox.

    iv.            Awesome Camera

This is a powerful and easy to use camera app. It has a great interface that makes it quick to take photos that look so awesome that you make think they were not taken from an iPhone. The app aims at helping you take better photos by offering several features and also tap to lock in focus and exposure. Awesome Camera gives you sharper and more exposed photos.

      v.            Instagram

This is among the popular camera apps on the app store that is used to make very beautiful shots and share them with friends via Facebook and Twitter from your iPhone. The app comes with lots of features and filters such as social sharing option. You can also share your photos with the Instagram users and gather lots of followers who fall for your artwork. Every time you open up the Instagram, you will be able to access new photos from your friends and for the creative people all over the world.

    vi.            360 Panorama

This is a great app which takes awesome 360 panoramas from your iPhone. The app allows you to take photos quickly from your iPhone hence you can capture immersive panoramas in 5 seconds. You simply need to pan your camera and watch as the photos are stitched seamlessly. You can share the photos online or even send Emails to your friends.